Emma Callahan (she/her/hers)

Implementation Manager at KINETIC

PIOW Board Member

Emma Callahan has built the framework for grassroots business groups to strategize scaling, define best practices, and design governance for long term success. Emma’s mission for LGBTQ+ BRGs is to provide a platform of awareness supporting the voice and professional growth of entities’ LGBTQ+ community while fostering inclusive and equitable corporate cultures.

Working in Customer Success at KINETIC, Emma drives key client IT initiatives under a first guiding principle: Create and foster an inclusive environment.

Emma was born and raised in Dorchester, MA, one of the most culturally and socioeconomically diverse neighborhoods in Boston – a key driver of her passion to help propel critical change in the DEI arena, and continuously improve as an ally, friend, colleague, and family member to people in the queer community and all other underrepresented groups.

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