Building Resilient Organizations:

Best Practices for HR, DEI, and ERG Leaders

The future of work remains undefined. This fall, PIOW will explore the ways that teams and organizations can adapt to thrive during periods of extraordinary change.

The past two years have forced us all to develop resilience in the face of hardship and uncertainty. As our partners, we invite you to join us for a three-part virtual roundtable series leading up to our signature panel in the fall. We hope these roundtables offer an opportunity to reflect, connect, commiserate, and share best practices as we navigate these uncharted waters together. 

Our networking and best practice sharing roundtables have three focus areas: Developing Inclusive Working Models for HR Leaders, Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent, and Future-Proofing Employee Resource Groups. We suggest that each company sends one representative per roundtable to network with peers and participate in an engaging discussion. See below for details and to register for each session.

10.13.21 | Roundtable 1

Developing Inclusive Working Models for HR Leaders

Switching to remote and hybrid work at the onset of the pandemic required HR leaders to explore new methods of engaging employees and fostering inclusion. As the future of work continues to shift, this roundtable hopes to identify the key elements of effective, responsive working models capable of supporting DEI strategies and the unique needs of LGBTQ+ employees.

Discussion Topics

Pre-COVID to present-day shifts in office culture and DEI prioritization; Employee engagement in virtual and hybrid settings; Support strategies during times of crisis; Expectations for the future of work

Who Should Attend?

HR Professionals, People Culture Specialists, DEI Representatives, Employee Engagement & Experience Professionals, Allied Team Members

10.19.21 | Roundtable 2

Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent

Employee turnover rates are climbing and companies must invest in engagement initiatives and workplace benefits to attract and retain diverse talent. Roundtable participants will share their recent successes and challenges in the field to define shared strategies for meeting DEI goals and retaining diverse employees in volatile labor markets.

Discussion Topics

Recent employee turnover trends; Developing compelling EVPs; COVID impact on DEI objectives; Investing in diverse employees

Who Should Attend?

HR Professionals, Talent Acquisition Specialists, Recruiters, Allied Team Members

10.26.21 | Roundtable 3

Future-Proofing Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups provide safe spaces for LGBTQ+ professionals and their allies to gather, support each other, and advocate on behalf of LGBTQ+ communities. As the futures of work and Pride remain in flux, resource groups have the opportunity to recalibrate their engagement strategies to more effectively connect and empower employees across virtual and hybrid spaces.

Discussion Topics

COVID-19 impact on the health of ERGs; Virtual and hybrid member engagement strategy; Leveraging your ERG as a supportive resource during uncertain times; The future of Pride – 2022 planning

Who Should Attend?

ERG Leaders, Resource Group Executive Sponsors, LGBTQ+ Employees, DEI Representatives, Allied Team Members

11.16.21 | Live Virtual Panel

Best Practices for HR, DEI, and ERG Leaders

The oft-discussed Future of Work has arrived, leaving organizations unsure how to sustain company culture, employee engagement, and talent retention across remote and hybrid models. Join the PIOW community for a live discussion about building resiliency and ensuring that the Future of Work is one we can all be proud of.

Learn more and register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to “have it all figured out” to sit on a roundtable?

The reality is that no one has it all figured out! Let us meet you wherever you’re at in developing your HR, DEI, or ERG strategy. The last two years have triggered periods of unprecedented change and, as a result, industry norms and best practices are continuing to shift.

Come to our roundtables ready to share initiatives you’ve tried, strategies that have been successful, and areas where you may be struggling. Together, we can learn from each other and move towards sustainable, equitable working models.

How many employees can attend each roundtable?

Seats for each roundtable will be limited to encourage meaningful conversation and networking opportunities. We ask that each organization select one employee per roundtable to attend the session and report back to their teams.

The same employee can attend multiple roundtables, but we recommend rotating several team members so that more professionals have the opportunity to reflect, connect, and get involved in our work.

I stumbled across this page but didn’t receive an invite to the event series. Can I still sign up?

Event registration for this fall’s networking roundtable series is currently open for PIOW Sponsors and invited guests. You can confirm whether or not your company is partnered with PIOW by checking out our Partners page. If your organization is not listed, but you’d like to request a seat at our virtual roundtable, please reach out to the PIOW team through the message box below or directly at

Our signature event taking place on November 16 will be free and open to all members of the public.

Contact Our Team

If you have any questions, need help registering, or would like to suggest additional discussion topics, reach out to our team. Send us a message here or email directly.

We look forward to seeing you at our event!

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