The Path Toward Equality and Justice, remarks from GLAD’s Beth Myers

Pride in Our Workplace gathered LGBTQ+ and DEI leaders at the Boston Public Library in October 2023 to address the future of LGBTQ+ protections and DEI policy. Preceding this discussion, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) offered opening remarks, speaking to the legislative climate, challenges ahead, and the potential for corporate allyship.

Embracing the Intersections: A Hispanic Heritage Month Q&A with Bianca Robinson

PIOW is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting the thought leadership of a trailblazer in Boston’s LGBTQ+ and Latinx communities, Bianca Robinson.

In today’s Q&A, Bianca shares with us the ways in which connections to her own heritage and support from trans mentors have informed her approach as a diversity, equity, and inclusion leader in the workplace. Read on for the full interview.

LGBTQ+ Legislative Battles and Community Impact

As we navigate periods of legislative uncertainty, it is important that LGBTQ+ individuals, business leaders, and allies become familiar with issues projected to harm our communities. To help with this effort, PIOW sourced the latest updates from LGBTQ- and DEI-centric organizations advocating on behalf of LGBTQ+ and marginalized communities in the face of discriminatory legislation.

What the Dylan Mulvaney x Bud Light Campaign Tells Us About Corporate Allyship and Integrity 

At Pride in the Workplace, some of the most common questions we receive are: How can I be a good ally? How can my company be a good ally? How can we do more? 

Like everything in business and in life, the answer begins with integrity. In recent weeks, Dylan Mulvaney has been brought into an emotional and politically-charged debate on trans rights. In this post, we respond and address the dangers of conditional allyship and corporate rainbow washing.

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