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New England’s Premier Organization Championing LGBTQ+ Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Amplifying LGBTQ+ Voices to Drive Positive Change

Pride in Our Workplace provides all LGBTQ+ professionals with ways to amplify their voices and create thriving workplace cultures. By centering the LGBTQ+ perspective within our most important conversations, we help LGBTQ+ professionals and allied businesses to drive positive change.

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PIOW Leadership Update

After helping found Pride in Our Workplace 16 years ago and serving a three-year term as President of our organization, John Basile shares his transition to PIOW’s new Advisory Board and announces our incoming leadership team.

Building Resilient Communities

The business case for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is stronger than ever. However, LGBTQ+ individuals are still under-represented at every level of management. We collaborate with community partners and allied businesses to provide accessible professional development tools, networking opportunities, and thought leadership forums. Together, we’re building towards a more equitable future.

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Bringing Pride to Your Workplace

Pride in Our Workplace is dedicated to helping allied organizations foster thriving workplace cultures. As a member of our community, you have access to the latest best practices around LGBTQ+ inclusion and equity. As our partner, you have a team of DEI experts ready to provide guidance and a community of LGBTQ+ professionals for your employees to join.

News and Events

We spotlight important, often unheard points of view on today’s issues and provide businesses with the tools they need to grow and thrive. Learn more about our events and resources below:

New Event: Maintaining Momentum on Social Justice

Join PIOW on Wednesday, April 12, to hear from leaders working in partnership with LGBTQ+ professionals, allies, and organizations to drive meaningful change across communities.

This event will highlight ways organizations and business leaders can:

  • Gain perspective into growing threats to LGBTQ+ legal protections, physical safety, and healthcare access in the U.S.
  • Align company resources, HR best practices, and DEI policy internally to create environments that prioritize inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees
  • Understand the opportunity to leverage corporate resources to influence local and national policy impacting marginalized communities

Event Recap & Best Practices

Trans Workplace Inclusion Series

Drawing from the lived experience of trans professionals and industry leaders, PIOW’s Trans Workplace Inclusion Series explored the complexities of coming out and transitioning in professional spaces, strategies for seeking and signaling allyship, and the need to back inclusion policies with consistent trans-affirming practices. Watch the Learning from Lived Experience Panel and the Implementing Policy and Best Practices Panel below or on PIOW’s YouTube page. Continue reading for our series recap, best practices, and a digital download to share with your team.

Event Recap & Best Practices

Cope & Hope Networking

During February’s Cope & Hope event, attendees shared their strategies for coping, staying hopeful, and centering racial equity.

An event recap and Cope & Hope Best Practices can be found by clicking here. Watch our full conversation with featured speaker Braden Marstaller here.

On the Blog

The PIOW Blog features the latest in diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leadership.


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What People are Saying

“PIOW has set up an environment that truly brings about a level of genuine sharing, collaboration and candor among professionals in the virtual/in-person spaces we share. I benefit greatly from discussing challenges or solutions with colleagues across industry-lines because it offers me new ways of thinking and the ability to consider our work in multiple contexts. The quality of the dialogue in PIOW spaces is always impactful, and I will continue to be an active participant as a result.” 

— Jamie Bergeron, EY
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