Who We Are

Pride in Our Workplace helps all LGBTQ+ professionals and allied businesses drive positive change in the workplace.

By centering the LGBTQ+ perspective within our most important conversations, we help LGBTQ+ professionals and allied businesses create thriving workplace cultures. We spotlight important, often unheard points of view on timely issues, help connect LGBTQ+ professionals with one another, and provide businesses with the tools they need to grow and thrive.

Pride in Our Workplace is a Massachusetts nonprofit for LGBTQ+ professionals and allies from industry-leading companies in New England.

What We Do

Networking and
Community Building

  • Celebrate and welcome a broad and diverse LGBTQ+ community
  • Create a warm and inviting environment where LGBTQ+ professionals can openly discuss key issues impacting their careers
  • Organize events that facilitate professional networking among associates and executives
  • Encourage networking and collaboration across companies and industries

Professional Development

  • Amplify LGBTQ+ voices by providing access to networks of professionals across the New England region
  • Drive the capacity for unity and growth within our community through mentoring, networking, and volunteer opportunities
  • Share content, resources, and programming that supports career development and skill building
  • Provide insight for LGBTQ+ professionals of all backgrounds who are navigating both opportunities and challenges in the workplace

Thought Leadership

  • Actively champion LGBTQ+ diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Strengthen support and guidance for employee resource groups (ERGs), HR professionals, and LGBTQ+ employees
  • Promote benchmarking and best practices sharing
  • Facilitate leadership connections for partner organizations

Are you ready to bring pride to your workplace?

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