Our Mission

Who We Are

Pride in Our Workplace helps all LGBTQ+ professionals and allied businesses drive positive change in the workplace.

By centering the LGBTQ+ perspective within our most important conversations, we help LGBTQ+ professionals and allied businesses create thriving workplace cultures. We spotlight important, often unheard points of view on timely issues, help connect LGBTQ+ professionals with one another, and provide businesses with the tools they need to grow and thrive.

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Our Method

Leading with Pride

We are proud champions of LGBTQ+ workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. We empower individuals, teams, and organizations to lead with pride.

Networking & Community Building

Connect with peers across industries to build your network and find your place in a welcoming, supportive community. 

Thought Leadership

Leverage our resources and knowledge base to expand the capacity for understanding and growth in your organization. 

Professional Development

Take the next step in your professional journey; develop your voice, set goals, and stand proudly in bringing your whole self to work.

DEI Strategy

Partner with our team to assess the current state of DEI in your organization and develop a strategic path forward.

Our Network

Partners in Equity

Pride in Our Workplace Sponsors

Pride in Our Workplace is supported by progressive organizations that are actively working to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in business communities. We work with our partners to assess where they are in their DEI journeys and provide support and guidance to help them along their path.

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Board of Directors

The Pride in Our Workplace Board of Directors brings decades of experience in the areas of DEI and HR leadership, ERG development, and professional consulting. Each member has volunteered their time to build out this organization and its resources, and we are grateful for their contributions. 

Meet PIOW’s leadership team.

Are you ready to bring pride to your workplace?

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