Rising LGBTQ+ Leaders Virtual Panel

11.9.22 | 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM ET
Registration for this event is now closed. We’d like to thank our panelists and the attendees who were able to join us live on November 9. Our team will provide a full event recording and associated resources soon. In the meantime, explore our previous events below.


Andrew Truong, Gabrielle Ulubay, and Jace Ritchey will be joining us as panelists on November 9th. Katie Martell will be moderating the panel discussion and Q&A.

Andrew Truong (he/him)
Law Clerk, Locke Lord

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Andrew Truong is a law clerk at Locke Lord LLP. He assists clients in corporate and finance matters. He has previously assisted PIOW in its programming and initiatives, and before starting at Locke Lord Andrew was a member of Outlaw and president of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association in law school.

Andrew completed his BA in Political Science and Spanish from the College of the Holy Cross and his JD at Boston University.

Jace Ritchey (they/them)
Communications Coordinator, Council for Global Equality

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Jace is a multidisciplinary activist and communications specialist dedicated to global social change. Jace currently works for the Council for Global Equality, developing digital content to advance a U.S. foreign policy inclusive of LGBTQI rights and people. They also serve as a Ranger in the National Park Service where they work to advance environmental stewardship through meaningful interpretive programs and increase access to inclusive experiences in the outdoors.

As a firm believer in the strength of convening space for building political power, Jace previously helped build and implement the organizing strategy at Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign rallies and oversaw the Every Voice Coalition of Massachusetts’s Summit on campus sexual violence – the largest known gathering on the issue. They have spoken in Congress about sexual violence and, in recognition of their efforts fighting for the rights and resources of survivors, were recognized as a Voice of 2019 by Seventeen Magazine.

Jace holds a B.S. in Justice, Rhetoric, and Society Studies from Northeastern University and currently lives at a lighthouse in Point Reyes, California.

Gabrielle Ulubay (she/her)
E-Commerce Writer, Marie Claire

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Gabrielle Ulubay is an E-Commerce Writer at Marie Claire, where she primarily covers fashion and beauty. Her writing has also been published in HuffPost Personal, Bustle, Alma, Muskrat Magazine, O’Bheal, and elsewhere, where she has written about gender, race, and identity. Her personal essay in The New York Times’ Modern Love column kickstarted her professional writing career in 2018, and that piece has since been printed in the 2019 revised edition of the Modern Love book. Having studied history and film, she has made films on politics and gender equity in addition to writing about media and entertainment for Film Ireland, University College Cork, and on her personal blog, gabrielleulubay.medium.com

Katie Martell (she/her)
Host, Marketing Consultant, PIOW Board Member

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Katie Martell is an “unapologetic marketing truth-teller.” She is the author and producer of Woke-Washed, a book and documentary exploring the collision of marketing and social movements, and the author of Trust Me, B2B a short book about building long-term trust through marketing.

As marketing evolves in a digital age, she partners with brands to amplify stories of transformation and trends in customer experience. You may see her hosting Experience TV, a live show about the experience economy in partnership with Oracle, or hosting the annual Adobe Experience Maker Awards gala event.

Named “one of the most interesting people in B2B marketing” and a top marketing voice on LinkedIn 3X, Katie has been a startup CMO, SaaS entrepreneur, communications consultant and startup “Director of Buzz.” She served as Executive Director of Boston Content, New England’s largest community of content professionals.

With a distinct opinion and independent perspective, Katie is a frequent speaker and emcee at conferences in the US and internationally. She bats cleanup and plays third base on her modified softball team.

Additional Event Info

PIOW Presents: Rising LGBTQ+ Leaders

Join Pride in Our Workplace for Rising LGBTQ+ Leaders – a live virtual panel featuring young LGBTQ+ professionals navigating self-advocacy, allyship, and career advancement in the modern workplace. Register now to learn what the next generation needs to thrive.

The workplace is evolving, and the next generation of leaders is shaping expectations in bold new ways. Drawing from the lived experience of early-career professionals, this dynamic panel will seek to uncover:

  • When workplace culture, allyship, and employee investment are seen as authentic
  • How they balance self-advocacy against pressures to conform for career advancement
  • What trends for managers, recruiting teams, and talent need to know
Is this a free event?

Yes! This webinar is free to attend.


Do you have questions about this event? Do you want to submit questions for the panel of speakers? Email info@piow.org.

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Removing Barriers for Future LGBTQ+ Leaders

LGBTQ+ young professionals overcome barriers to enter the workforce authentically, maintain employment, and access leadership development opportunities. Amidst an ongoing climate of legislation targeting the future generation of LGBTQ+ professionals, we must ask what happens when existing barriers to entry are further exacerbated by a lack of community support, housing stability, and access to educational resources.

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Event speakers: Grace Sterling Stowell, Connor Schoen, Derrick Young Jr., Katie Martell

Building Resilient Organizations: Best Practices for HR, DEI, and ERG Leaders

The oft-discussed Future of Work has arrived, leaving organizations reinventing strategies to sustain company culture, employee engagement, and talent retention across remote and hybrid models. PIOW’s Building Resilient Organizations Panel spotlights industry leaders doing the work to build engaged, diverse, and equitable teams in our ever-changing professional landscape.

We would like to thank Alison Batey, Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller, and Winson Wang for sharing their experiences with us during this discussion. We would also like to thank Bryan Vermes for moderating, Tori Kaufmann-Paulman for leading in our recognition of Transgender Day of Remembrance, and Wendell K. Chestnut for closing out the session.

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Trans Workplace Inclusion Series

Implementing Policy and Best Practices
June 2, 202

Our second session featured industry leaders and consultants diving deeper into best practices in implementing impactful trans workplace policies and fostering cultures of belonging.

PIOW thanks Ellen LaPointe, Irene Brank, Jennifer L. Levi, and Colleen Simonelli for sharing their insights in the second part of this series.     

Our first session aimed to amplify the voices of trans professionals speaking to the current state of trans inclusion and (in)equity at work.

We would like to thank Cheryl Katon, Ryan Rasdall, and Trevor Boylston for sharing their stories with us. We would also like to thank Tori Kaufmann-Paulman for moderating this discussion.     

Pride in Our Workplace invited LGBTQ+ and allied professionals to share their strategies for coping, staying hopeful, and continuing to advocate for more equitable spaces. Following an introduction from PIOW board members, session attendees were split into networking breakout rooms to tackle a series of discussion topics.     

The Intersection of LGBTQ+ Equality and Racial Justice

Equality and Racial Justice Panel – Part 2
October 13, 2020

This panel showcased a variety of current and anticipated organizational best practices around racial justice and ‎BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community intersectionality and collaboration. Our panelists and moderator provided insight, support and guidance for LGBTQ+ leaders, allies, employee resource groups, HR professionals and business leaders who seek to create a more inclusive workplace for all employees.

The Intersection of LGBTQ+ Equality and Racial Justice

Equality and Racial Justice Panel – Part 1
June 30, 2020

As we commend the recent Supreme Court decision to protect the equal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, we recognize that we must keep focused to address racial injustice for black, indigenous, and people of color within our community, nation and world. During this event, our panelists and moderator provided insight, support and guidance for LGBTQ+ leaders, allies, employee resource groups, HR professionals and business leaders who seek to create a more inclusive workplace for all LGBTQ+ employees.                 

Advancing Inclusive Workplaces

LGBTQ+ Leadership Panel
February 28, 2020

This year we planned to present a series of panel discussions and forums to spotlight LGBTQ+ employees, leaders, and allies who are making great strides in promoting and advocating for inclusive policies and practices within their respective organizations and within our community.

The first installment of our 2020: The Year of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Leadership Series was a panel titled Advancing Inclusive Workplaces. This panel will provide guests the opportunity to hear from change-makers within organizations who recognize the power in their identities and work to advocate for inclusion in the workplace.

Learning from Leadership

LGBTQ+ Leadership Panel
September 20, 2019

Annual Networking Event

LGBTQ+ Networking Event
November 7, 2018

Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Transgender Employees

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Panel
September 21, 2018

Protecting Progress on LGBT Rights

LGBTQ+ Advocacy Panel
April 6, 2018

The Pride in Our Workplace (“PIOW”) Steering Committee presented the breakfast event, Protecting Progress on LGBT Rights: Corporate and Non-Profit Advocacy in Historical Perspective, hosted by Wellington Management.

Annual Networking Night

LGBTQ+ Networking Event
June 21, 2017

Public/Private Partnerships for Advancing LGBTQ Inclusion and Civil Rights

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Panel
September 29, 2016

10th Annual PIOW Networking Night

LGBTQ+ Networking Event
May 3, 2016

PIOW hosted its annual networking night on Tuesday May 3 from 6:00 to 8:30pm at the Beat Brasserie in Cambridge.

Our guest speaker was Dr. Stephen Boswell, President and CEO of Fenway Health.  We were absolutely thrilled to have had Dr. Boswell attend and represent such a great local organization.

The Business Care for LGBTQ Inclusion

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Panel
November 13, 2015

Annual Networking Night

LGBTQ+ Networking Event
March 24, 2015

Being Your Authentic Self

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Panel
June 13, 2014

Engaging Allies to Build Stronger LGBT Organizations

LGBTQ+ Inclusion Panel
May 10, 2013

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LGBTQ+ Networking Event
2007 – 2013