11.16.21 | Live Virtual Panel

Building Resilient Organizations:

Best Practices for HR, DEI, and ERG Leaders

The oft-discussed Future of Work has arrived, leaving organizations unsure how to sustain company culture and employee engagement across remote and hybrid models. Join the PIOW community for a live discussion about building resiliency and ensuring that the Future of Work is one we can all be proud of.


Alison Batey, Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller, and Winson Wang will be joining us as panelists on November 16th. Bryan Vermes will be moderating the panel discussion and Q&A.

Alison Batey (she/her) 
General Manager
Base Camp, Granite/New England

Learn more about Alison.

Alison Batey has spent her entire adult life working with kids and teenagers.  She began teaching at the RSEC Academy, an alternative middle and high school for kids with significant learning differences, in 2004. There she taught a variety of subjects including study skills, executive functioning and health. As part of the curriculum, the school also used adventure based education to meet students where they were and to build rapport and community. The mix of academics and adventure cultivated a love of teaching kids about the outdoors for Alison.  

When given the opportunity to begin running summer camp at New England Base Camp in 2018, where she got to continue to support both young and middle aged kids learn to become independent productive members of the community, she jumped at the chance.  Since joining the staff of the Spirit of Adventure she has been certified in high ropes and rock climbing, completed a lifeguard certification and a cub scout day camp training. 

Using the scouting curriculum she has also opened three programs where families can come and enjoy the adventures of scouting together. During her time there she created three volunteer resource groups (VRG’s) around scouting including a women’s group, a special needs group and an LGBTQ+ Scouts and Allies group. She has moved on to Daniel Webster Council in New Hampshire where she works to replicate the base camp model she learned in Spirit of Adventure Council. Alison also holds a BA in Communication, a Masters in Special Education and a certificate of advanced studies in intellectual and developmental disabilities all from UNH. You can view her Ted Talk about accommodations for all students here.

Winson Wang (he/him)
Vice President, Commercial Portfolio Manager
Diversity & Inclusion Council Co-Chair, Southern New England
TD Bank

Learn more about Winson.

Winson is a Vice President in TD Bank’s Commercial Banking division and is based out of Boston, MA. In this role, Winson helps support and manage the growing Commercial Banking portfolio by examining and assessing the different risk factors of each borrower such as current financial performance, future expected performance, and other internal or external characteristics of the company or industry that may impact the borrower’s operations or credit-worthiness.

In addition to supporting the Commercial Banking portfolio, Winson is strongly committed to advancing diversity and inclusion both at TD Bank and in the surrounding community. He currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Regional Diversity & Inclusion Council in Southern New England, and previously served as the Lead for the LGBTQ2+ Business Resource Group in Southern New England. In these capacities, Winson has helped lead, organize, and coordinate numerous events and activities that support multiple diversity and inclusion pillars including external speaking engagements, internal awareness campaigns, community outreach partnerships, career fairs, and financial literacy seminars.

Winson graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston University with a BA in International Relations and a minor in Business Administration. In his spare time, he loves reading, watching scary movies, and visiting local restaurants and craft breweries. Winson and his partner reside in the greater Boston area with their 5-month old Labrador Retriever puppy, Boba.

Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller (she/her) 
Chief Diversity Officer and Corporate Social Responsibility Leader

Learn more about Kameelah.

Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller (she/her) drives transformational change as an activist, champion of equity, diversity, and inclusion (ED+I), musician, and mom. As Chief Diversity Officer and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Leader at PTC, she is responsible for supporting the company’s full activation of opportunity in this space.

She brings over 20 years of experience in ED+I and CSR initiatives across industries including entertainment, financial services, technology, and travel. Kameelah is passionate about empowering individuals, communities, and organizations to recognize their ability to create impactful change through strong brands, healthy environments, and clear purpose.

She’s worked with organizations including Gillette/P&G, Korn Ferry, youth programs, social justice organizations, and correctional facilities. Most recently, she co-founded and led ED+I at Tripadvisor, where she ignited a small program into its current global remit, extending efforts into the workplace and product experience.

As the founder of G-Rock Music, Kameelah has dedicated the past several years to elevating the voices of womxn in rock and womxn of color in music. The collective focuses on showcasing emerging, renowned, and legendary womxn in music by creating forums and platforms for artists to share their story and their craft.

Kameelah received her Bachelor of Arts in Government from Cornell University, and her Master’s in African-New World Studies from Florida International University.

Bryan Vermes (he/him)
Global Internal Communications and Employee Experience Lead

Learn more about Bryan.

Bryan Vermes serves as the Global Internal Communications and Employee Experience Lead at Mimecast, a cybersecurity company based out of Lexington, MA. His areas of responsibility include the management of corporate social responsibility partnerships, employee communications strategy, and organizational culture. Bryan is the Chair of the PRIDE (LGBTQ+) Employee Resource Group.

Joining Mimecast in 2017, Bryan has experience in developing fair, human-centered performance management structures, creating employee resource groups, and utilizing data to drive people strategy.

He earned his BS in Management at Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School in 2015. In 2020, Bryan completed his MBA from the university. Bryan also serves on the Board of Pride in Our Workplace.

Additional Event Info

Building Resilient Organizations: Best Practices for HR, DEI, & ERG Leaders

The oft-discussed Future of Work has arrived, leaving organizations unsure how to sustain company culture, engage employees, and reach diversity goals across remote and hybrid working models. As we work to create inclusive and equitable spaces for LGBTQ+ employees, the realities of COVID threaten our collective efforts.

Join Pride in Our Workplace and Boston Spirit magazine for a live community event on November 16 to discuss:

  • Ways to jumpstart the momentum of workplace DEI efforts for LGTBQ+ employees
  • How hybrid-ready, employee and volunteer resource groups can keep members engaged
  • Strategies for supporting a diverse workforce as we enter the next phase of our “new normal”

This event will be hosted via Zoom on 11/16 at 11:45 am EST.

Register here.

Who Should Attend
  • LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group members and leaders
  • Human Resources professionals at any level
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professionals at any level
  • LGBTQ+ professionals and allies
  • Anyone vested in an equitable Future of Work

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Past Events

Our second session featured industry leaders and consultants diving deeper into best practices in implementing impactful trans workplace policies and fostering cultures of belonging.

PIOW thanks Ellen LaPointe, Irene Brank, Jennifer L. Levi, and Colleen Simonelli for sharing their insights in the second part of this series.     

Our first session aimed to amplify the voices of trans professionals speaking to the current state of trans inclusion and (in)equity at work.

We would like to thank Cheryl Katon, Ryan Rasdall, and Trevor Boylston for sharing their stories with us. We would also like to thank Tori Kaufmann-Paulman for moderating this discussion.     

Pride in Our Workplace invited LGBTQ+ and allied professionals to share their strategies for coping, staying hopeful, and continuing to advocate for more equitable spaces. Following an introduction from PIOW board members, session attendees were split into networking breakout rooms to tackle a series of discussion topics.     

The Intersection of LGBTQ+ Equality and Racial Justice

Equality and Racial Justice Panel – Part 2
October 13, 2020

This panel showcased a variety of current and anticipated organizational best practices around racial justice and ‎BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community intersectionality and collaboration. Our panelists and moderator provided insight, support and guidance for LGBTQ+ leaders, allies, employee resource groups, HR professionals and business leaders who seek to create a more inclusive workplace for all employees.

The Intersection of LGBTQ+ Equality and Racial Justice

Equality and Racial Justice Panel – Part 1
June 30, 2020

As we commend the recent Supreme Court decision to protect the equal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, we recognize that we must keep focused to address racial injustice for black, indigenous, and people of color within our community, nation and world. During this event, our panelists and moderator provided insight, support and guidance for LGBTQ+ leaders, allies, employee resource groups, HR professionals and business leaders who seek to create a more inclusive workplace for all LGBTQ+ employees.                 

Advancing Inclusive Workplaces

LGBTQ+ Leadership Panel
February 28, 2020

This year we planned to present a series of panel discussions and forums to spotlight LGBTQ+ employees, leaders, and allies who are making great strides in promoting and advocating for inclusive policies and practices within their respective organizations and within our community.

The first installment of our 2020: The Year of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Leadership Series was a panel titled Advancing Inclusive Workplaces. This panel will provide guests the opportunity to hear from change-makers within organizations who recognize the power in their identities and work to advocate for inclusion in the workplace.

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PIOW hosted its annual networking night on Tuesday May 3 from 6:00 to 8:30pm at the Beat Brasserie in Cambridge.

Our guest speaker was Dr. Stephen Boswell, President and CEO of Fenway Health.  We were absolutely thrilled to have had Dr. Boswell attend and represent such a great local organization.

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